Magnolia Bridge

The Notebook Experience

Dine amid flickering copper carriage lanterns, wander through historic cobblestone streets and relax on sun-kissed resort beaches just like Noah and Allie did as they fell in love in the iconic book and film, the Notebook.

Take in the magic of one of "America's Most Romantic Cities" voted by Travel and Leisure as well as one of the "World's Most Romantic Cities" voted by Food and Wine.

We will provide you with private transportation (driving through Old Village in Mt. Pleasant where the various outdoor scenes that doubled as the town of Seabrook Island where The Notebook takes place) and exclusive ticketed access to Boone Hall and Magnolia Plantation, two staples in the movie, allowing you to pick the perfect photo opportunities to re-enact with your significant other. Boone Hall Plantation boasts the Avenue of Oaks, a 3/4 mile of 270-year old giant live Oaks draped with Spanish moss. This gorgeous plantation was also featured in the movie, Gone with the Wind.

The iconic scene where Noah and Allie paddle through the swamp filled with swans on a canoe ride can also be reenacted at Magnolia Plantation.

American Theatre

Complimentary couples Brunch at Toast downtown followed by a historic carriage ride, with Charleston's oldest carriage company is next on your list.

Cocktails and dinner at Elis Table on historic Meeting Street, flowers and other little heartfelt surprises throughout the trip. Your romantic getaway awaits!

Have a complimentary drink at Oku, across from the famous American Theatre where Allie and Noah go on their double date to a movie and later lie and dance in the middle of street. Live music is offered several nights a week and we can arrange to have your name displayed on the romantic sign on the theater's marquee at an additional charge.

$50 gift card for restaurants in Charleston Hospitality Group is included.

Charleston Oaks